A while ago I read in many places that you should write down what you learn, and that the best way to do it is by having a personal wiki.

So I started doing that, but at the time the options I had were:
  • Install a local server and then use MediaWiki or something similar
  • Install a standalone application that worked as a wiki
  • Use a public service to create a personal wiki
But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get use to it, I worked most of the time offline, and I didn't like to be doing configurations over and over (since I still use a variety of OSes).

But during the last year I've been working on personal projects with Fossil SCM, which is a great-scm created by the mind behind SQLite, the great Dr. Richard Hipp, you should listen to his talks, he's quite something.

And with this standalone SCM that comes with an embedded wiki, I started creating content, of everything I had in mind:
  • Vim shortcuts
  • Daily logs
  • Small shell tweaks
  • Docker commands

And I'm having fun, this is great, the full-scm is a single binary, I don't need an environment, and is all versioned. I can rewind some things I did and restore old things. It's immensely useful for writing, fun for reading, and really concise.

If you are thinking on starting a personal wiki, I would strongly suggest you to consider Fossil-SCM, you won't regret it.