Disclaimer: Draft from a long time ago.

Back in December of 2009 I was preparing my thesis work for my graduation, and somehow a very funny guy called me saying that we have talked a while ago about a job offer in a software development company.

At the beginning I was thrilled, I hadn't worked in a professional way by that moment, I couldn't talk nor understand English properly and I was very insecure about my skills against the European standards.

But then I found out something, these guys were really interested in personal values above all, they might need skillful people, but it wasn't (and I dare to say it still isn't) the most important thing.

We were a very small group, now a little bit larger, doing things I found challenging. There are several goals I have set for me in this workplace, I like working there, I enjoy the work I'm doing and the people whom I working with.

Perhaps you want to take a look at the website to know the company a little bit ;-)