This week has been very entertaining due to the huge amount of issues I had to dealt with, here a short summary:
  • I learned about the evilness about Global State, had to fix several issues related to it.
  • I got very interested (yet again) in the Dependency Inversion Principle and finally understood it.
  • Started working on a very interesting project regarding a bunch of new technologies and concepts that are really exciting, some of them are REST, Maven, Spring, Scala and AOP.
  • Watched this great lecture on Biology provided by UCBerkeley.
  • Got more and more interested in Ruby with Sinatra.
  • I learn about the difference between Leadership and Authoritarianism.
  • Scala seems to be the way to go beyond Java, I really like its nature and it's been defined.
  • Learned about real Object-Oriented development with DCI in Practice.