I'm learning Scala as part of my masters thesis and every day I find something new that gets me more and more interested about this language.

As I'm a technical guy I enjoy seeing things working, so hands down on the keyboard. Obviously the first attempt I do for any programming language is the classic Hello World.

They both compile to Java bytecode and work exactly the same, but I have to add some remarks on the few code I wrote:
  • There are no static things in Scala, they've been replaced by Singleton objects.
  • No semicolons, even though they are optional, it's kind of verbose.
  • I'm passing a function as a parameter, wow, that's powerful and much less verbose.
  • Those loops are awesome....
  • Much, but much less verbose.
In summary, with this stupid code I've seen how powerful can Scala be without having to give up all the knowledge I have about Java, its compatible and they can coexist together.

So, give it a try...