I must admit that I'm being sleeping for a while, in my personal life, in my career and left behind the goals that inspired me just a year ago.

But some things changed during the last two months, I started doing things that changed my life. Small things that I thought were lame and not worth doing, here is a list of them:
  • I got high rates on my masters degree when I started losing interest on it.
  • Improved my jogging-resistance to 40 minutes just by practicing 3 times a week.
  • Solved very difficult (difficult for me) software-related problems at work, things that I never imagined that I could do.
  • Recover my reading-habit.
  • Found the way to drink enough not to get a killing-hangover, and also started enjoying these gathering events more and more.
  • Improved my personal relationships at all levels :-D
And many other things that are just too lame to list...seriously. But after all I'm just doing what I used to do back in 2009, somehow I got lost in the way without even noticing it. I got too much comfortable with my situation, I couldn't think on getting my life to that frenetic pace again.

But I was wrong, that frenetic pace kept me awake and living, I think now I recovered that energy that I always had.

I will try to do the best I can with my life, I will make mistakes and be a total fool sometimes, but I'll learn from it. Because that's the only thing I'm sure I'm capable of...learning.

I still have tons of things to do, to improve, to correct. So much things that I just started wrapping my mind around them, so expect more activity from now on.