A few months ago I listened to FLOSS Weekly's episode about SQLite, and I wondered how this wonderful project was being managed.

After checking for a while, I found that D. Richard Hipp has developed his own distributed SCM based on the very reliable SQLite.

In a comparison with Git and Hg (which I have used), it is more than a SCM, it is a whole project-development space. Some of its features include:
  • Bug Tracking And Wiki, really cool.
  • Web Interface, incredibly simple.
  • Autosync, still wondering what its benefits are.
  • Self-Contained, yep, everything in one binary file.
  • Simple Networking.

As a developer of some internal projects, it's really hard to keep track of my bugs an issues, and the environment required for it costs too much. But this amazing project does it for me!

Its use is very similar to any distributed SCM and the installation/configuration is barely present. I totally encourage you to try it.