Among software development there are a lot of resources, a lot of people worth of looking at it, but to find out who is good enough to follow may take some time. That's why's I'm summarizing the people I enjoy reading/listening to in any topic related to software engineering and development in general.

Robert C. Martin
The 'Master Craftsman', I've read some of his books and are pure gold, his experience and knowledge are outstanding, and you can still see him coding!

Joel Spolsky
One of the heads behind StackOverflow, a hardcore developer that has been doing really cool things for more than a decade. His blog posts are extremely interesting and very, but very useful.

Jeff Atwood
Another of the heads behind StackOverflow, a very skillfull developer that has been delivering lots of tips, principles and advices for years.

Miguel de Icaza
He is the mind behind the initial Gnome project, started with Mono and now it's driving his own company called Xamarin. He might be controversial at times, but for sure it is worthy to follow him.

Scott Hanselman
One of the most productive developers I've seen, he's a .Net evangelist with years of expertise. His projects and blog are just amazing. Besides that he's a podcaster with various memorable recordings.