Sadly after several years of using Slackware as my main operating system, I have to leave it aside. The decision was taken after several attempts of installing networking tools and Perl patches, somehow I broke several libraries and my system was a complete mess.

Slackware taught me everything about Linux and software development, but the tinkering time for
me it-s over. I can no longer spend hours having fun compiling sources or testing different configurations. My system has to work with the most recent hardware and it requires some sort of support. The distribution I chose for this is Ubuntu, not because is the best one out there, just because its community. It's a huge system with lots of groups around the world following (in their own way) the Open Source initiative.

I still have Slackware running as a server, because it's without any doubt the *stablest* of all systems I ever used, that's a fact. But for my personal computer requires compatibility with many devices that are not open source and work fine with Ubuntu.

PS: This does not mean that I'm leaving Slackware at all, but for my personal computer. All my other machines are still using Slackware as the master system, and they'll keep in that as long as Slackware lives.