Back in 2009 I started working on a Swiss software development company called Swissbytes, since then I have learned a lot of things. This is a very short list of the most important ones:
  • You are not the best programmer in the world, deal with it.
  • Always put your name in your source code.
  • Keep track of your work, as well of your source code.
  • Think a little bit before jumping into programming, but do not exagerate.
  • Keep yourself updated, no one likes conformists. 
  • Learn English, that's a must do.
  • A good specification is short and to the point.
  • A software product is never finished, never.
  • Work with standards, that's required if you are working in teams.
  • Write tests for your code (this is something I'm still learning).
  • Simplify your life, there are tools for that: revision control systems, automated build, template engines, static analysis tools.
  • And the most important of all: Enjoy what you are doing, if your work does not make you happy, there's something wrong. That's the best motivational advice I could give you, enjoy your work, enjoy working on group, enjoy working alone, enjoy challenges, be proud of yourself.

    I guess those are the most important for the moment, for sure I will be updating this list. Enjoy.