Since I started working with JMX, I always had a background framework doing the dirty job for me. First it was Spring JMX with all its utilities, it's impossible to describe how pleased I was with it.

Then I worked in a web application, using JBoss, and again, all was as simple as adding an annotation string to some classes or operations.

But recently I got involved in a pure-java application without frameworks and without the possibility of integrating one. As I was so pleased with the previous frameworks I used, I didn't want to waste time defining objects, creating and registering them.

My brain doesn't like to work ... I needed a library.

After a half hour search, I found a very interesting utility called Apache Commons Modeler, that claims to be the solution to my problem.

Being myself a huge fan of all Apache Commons solutions, I have no doubt this will solve all my problems.

To continue...